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(1) Hydro Static Transmission for Whole System.
(2) Engine Power 133 HP @ 2300 rpm
(3) Hopper Capacity 4.00 Cm.
(4) Paver Width 2.5 to 4.5 Mtrs.
(5) Weight of Paver is 14840 Kg.
(6) All sensors are of MOBA (Germany)

1. KDI is one or the leading manufacturer in road & Civil construction industry since last several years.
2.KDI has launched it's new product which is the HYDROSTATIC SENSOR PAVER And Came up with the Model KDI HSP 2545
3. The paver is totally hydraulically controlled And maneuvered by means of hydraulic power
4. For precision work of asphalt laying on the road. KDI only used best level and grade sensors from european company (MOBA technology) for levelling and sensing.

-KDI only makes sturdy chassis from mild steel grade ( IS 2062) to build a robust and solid chassis which can sustain high load during operation.
Engine is heart of the Hydrostatic Sensor paver So we only use best quality engines which are proven and tested for 5000 hrs. We use kirloskar / Ashok leyland Diesel Engines which gives best - performance during work
Power Distribution gear box & speed reduction gear box :-
Power Distribution gear box is Coupled with engine with 3 pump sets All Gear box are made up of alloy steel and hardened for greater life.
- Hydrostatic power is provided with speed reduction gearbox for efficient low speed during paving and high speed for travelling.
All Hydraulics like pumps, motors and hydraulic hoses are bought out from best supplier around India to achieve great quality of work All the hydraulic cylinders are provided from best manufacturer for reliable screed work and traveling of Paver.


Thickness Control :
The Thickness Control is very Important during The laying of asphalt on the road. The better thickness adjustment gives better quality of road as well as it saves the material and increase profit of the Customer .The MOBA (Germany) Sensors are used for work.
- Level Control :
Level Control sensors are much important for better leveling of road The crown adjustment can be done by this sensors and proper height adjustment is done while work. This sensors are also supplied by MOBA (Germany).
Front and Rear wheels:
The Front wheels are made up of solid tires which can sustain load. two sets of tires are provided of size 550 mmx175 mm.
- On rear two set of pneumatic tires are provided of size 10.00x20 for equal weight distribution as well as good traction control on the road.
- The Hopper is one of the important part of the machine to store and hold material which Comes out from the dumping trucks.
- The hopper is made up of 6 mm mild steel plate grade (IS 2062) and hydraulically controlled. The capacity of the hopper to retain material is 4.0 cubic meter.
Thrust Rollers :
Thrust Rollers are fixed on the front of the paver for pushing dumping trucks during work.
- They are made of hardened steel.
Feeding Systems :
The two sets of conveyor with the hardened steel Chain provide the material to augers which spread even material on both sides.
- They are hydraulically controlled by hydraulic Conveying Control drive from the operator seat.
Brakes :
Speed is one of the important parameters need to be Controlled during work. So we have provided two disc brakes for braking. On the speed shaft to control speed of sensor paver.
Worm assembly :
- Worm spreads material in front of screed in total width of pavement.
-Hydraulic drive for conveyor and auger. The worms are made up of Ni-Hard steel and proper heat Treatment for greater service life. Regular Greasing gives good life to worm assembly.
Hydraulic telescopic Screed :
- KDI HSP- 2545 has a basic screed width of 2.5 meters and can be hydraulically extended up to 4.5 meters. Bolt on mechanical extension of 500 mm each on either side of screed gives a paving width of 5.5 meters.
- The tamping and vibration arrangement in line with (MORTH) Specification Uniform heating across the screed with the diesel burners. The adjustment of laying mat thickness can be controlled by electronic sensor as to allow easy modification of grade and slope during paving.

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