Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

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Components of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

We are committed to our clients to provide cost effective products. With large years of experience we are leading in industry as we provide best service and support to our customers at one stop. We have best infrastructure and environment to manufacture best quality Road Construction Equipments. We are a team of people having rich experience and professionalism.

batch mix plant
(1) Vibrating Screen Unit
(2) Aggregate Hot Bin
(3) Aggregate Weighing Hopper
(4) Pugmill (Mixture Unit)
(5) Hot Bucket Elevator
(6) Bitumen and Addmixture Weighing Hopper
(7) Platform
(8) Staircase

Vibrating Screen:

Vibrating Screen Unit is one of the important Component in the Batching Tower. Vibrating Screen Unit Contains multiple Screens on the decks and provide good amount of continues vibration with unbalanced rotors in the vibrating motor. The spring of the vibrating unit is made up of high Quality EN-47 Grade material to resist high vibrations of vibrating screen unit. Screen separate different sizes of aggregates in feathery good manner.

Aggregate Hot Bin:

The Four Separating Compartments are provided to store aggregates of different sizes from the screen unit. Aggregate Hot Bin is having four holes for Bitumen Input from the Bitumen Pump. Hot Bin Keeps all the aggregate hot & it works as storage of aggregates

Aggregate Weighing Hopper:

Aggregate Weighing Hopper Basically Weighs different sizes of aggregate which comes from the hot bin. It has four load sales and receives aggregate one by one. As total set quantity is complete in the weighing hopper, the aggregates are discharged to mixing unit of asphlat mixer.

Pug Mill (Mixing Unit):

Twin shaft type mixing is a powerful, robust, dynamic and designed for high precision, smooth & trouble free operation. The mixing system allow homogenous and fast mixing. The liners and tips are designed to resist high wear and tear & easily replaceable. This mixing unit is jacketed & provided with full length discharge gate.

Hot Bucket Elevator:

Modular design for easy installation and transportation. Bucket are designed for taking huge amount of aggregates and easy transportation to vibrating screen. Anti Slip Feature.

Asphlat Weighing Hopper:

Helps in uninterrupted supply of bitumen into the mixer at uniform temp provided with spray pump.


Cold Aggregate four bins are welded with each other in easy addition of bins to meet their growing needs. Bin walls allow free flow of aggregates from the feeders & minimizing hold-up of materials in the corners and b r i d g i n g w i t h s t i c k y a g g r e g a t e s . T h e b i n s supplied with adjustable calibrated gate offer a total proportional control, greater flexibility and accuracy of operations.


The thermo drum unit of asphalt plants are made and developed by the last 15 years of experience in the Construction field. Thermo drum unit is properly designed and renowned for maximum efficiency and at low maintenance level.
We have specially designed its flights to transfer the heat by convection, radiation and conduction, transforming uniform heat to all sizes of aggregates.
The Aggregate transferring to dryer drum by means of a charging conveyor. Seal Flange arrangement on dryer drum to reduce suction of cold air. Drum is Resting on four wheels & covered done shape with air preheat arrangement for suction of hot air. Due to that it reduces heat loss / Power saving thermal stress on dryer drum.
KDI supply fully modulating Automatic controlled burner which is suitable for LDO, HSD and FO with Blower. High pressure pump and complete piping with flow meter and controls.


The KDI Batch Mix Plants are supplied with a standard pollution Control System, comprising of a twin cyclonic separators and a secondary bag house filter.
All KDI Batch Mix Plants are supplied with “Freedom”, a state of the art free air flow type bag house filter unit. Freedom Bag house filters are envied in the industry for their guaranteed savings on power, lower maintenance, trouble free service and strict conformance to stringent environmental norms.


• Emission less than 50 mg / Nm3
• Lower Dust loads on bag house filter
• Longer bag filter life, due to reduced dust loads
• Zero Maintenance design
• Power Savings
• Filler recycling.


Fully computerized air conditioned control cabin, with on board electrical power control console, distribution switch board, fully automatic process, interlocks and sequence controls are our standard.
User friendly software on computer with a parallel PLC man machine interface gives you total reliability with top notch performance.
• Fail Proof interlocks and auto process controls.
• Online fault detection with remote connectivity and solution.
• Docket printing and inventory management.
• Provisions to print & store production details, mix proportions etc.
• Automatic cold aggregate feeder controls linked with mix design and hot bin levels.
• Automatic free fall compensation.
PLC Diagnostics system allows for quick trouble location and trouble shooting in the plant. • SCADA Controls an extension to PLC allow for access & charging system calibration from remote locations as well as production data storage for future references.
• Mix Temperature Automatic Controls.
The control is equipped with easy to operate function keys and numberic keys. The operator can monitor the complete process control, motor status and pneumatic controls through the color CRT display.


Multiple options and wide range of Hot Mix Material Storage silos available from 20 TONS to 320 TONS to meet plant Requirements. It will be provided as per client Requirement. Inline surge silo to skip winch assisted hot mix storage silos. It is offered with options to store different type of mix designs to meet different site demand. Advantages of Hot Mix Storage silo.
(1) To achieve higher efficiency through longer continous production Run.
(2) Fuel Saving.
(3) Help to deal with different mix design requirements.
(4) Reduce the number of mix transporting tracks.


We are providing Bitumen Heating & Storage solutions. Here customer have choice for Direct heating type storage Tanks or Indirect Heating type storage tanks with Hot oil circulation heater. Storage Tanks available from 15 to 50 TONS.
The Direct heating Bitumen Tanks are supplied with fully Automatic High Pressure Auto Jet Imported Burner. The Indirect heating Bitumen Tanks are supplied with a high quality Thermic oil Heater As a standard of All Tanks with Auto Thermostatic controls and level gauge option.


Foreigh Filler silo can offer from 4 - 50 TONS capacity. The filler from silo is transported into the filler elevator on the batching tower, which weighed & mixed in pugmill unit. As a Standard filler silo are supplied with level indicator and process interlocks.

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